Why make the switch to Powerknobz

Knees over toes theory

The foundational basis of the Powerknobz comes from the notion that you want to access all the torque and power you can get out of your wheel but not at the cost of safety and freedom of motion. Riding knees over toes simply mean that you stay grounded on the plates as you shift your weight to accelerate instead of banana leaning into the wheel. Because the Powerknobz are placed as forward on the wheel as you can( or on -2 to -4 tilt setup if studded pedals), you only need micro adjustments to give input and the slightest shift in mass has maximum impact unlocking explosive dynamism on the wheel. Any rider can benefit from this and it does complement various styles but riders who sport staggered stances or torque asymmetrically benefit immensely from that.

Safety & Ergonomics

Because of the sheer girth, length and low, forward position of the Powerknobz at the ankle joint your feet are always safely tucked behind something you can rely upon which means no more sketchy foot slips when taking a bump wrong even when cornering, braking and no more feet dangling on the edge of pedals when seated, no more shin busting too as you are already in the best position to soak any irregularities in the road. You get to have your entire feet planted on the plates even when riding seated because there's nothing up top constraining your movement. Tighter control on your stance and mass distribution makes you more in sync with the wheel instead of wrestling against it with pads to submit it into giving you what you need, when you need it.

Freedom of motion

When you lean in to torque( or brake) with Powerknobz the clamp twists and flexes to supplement rider input and soft locks your feet but only your feet so you feel completely safe yet freer than ever. You can also supplement torque by using the Stubbiez sort of like a clip on bike pedal so serve as counter lever. This freedom of motion unlocks a more natural stance and control of the wheel and fills you with the confidence you need to perform fluid and/or aggressive, snappy maneuvers as you're not locked into a rigid ceiling angle set up in advance on power pads. It also means you have no set limit on how much you can demand of the wheel which can be a downside if you have trouble keeping yourself in check. With ultimate freedom comes a greater need for self awareness and restraint.