About Us

Our Mission

Bring freedom, safety and style to EUC riders around the world and offer an alternative to the hegemony of traditional torque pads.

I started designing foot clamps out of necessity because I wasn't served well by traditional power pads for several reasons. The over the top concept of the Powerknobz with lights and fluff came later by the sheer power of feature creep. I ride with a wide and low aggressive stance with my toes sticking out a lot so the low portion of regular pads just weren't clamping my feet at all and the upper portion of the pads seemed to constantly be in the way, not only when sitting but also when torqueing. I just never found pushing into something with shins natural and I found myself working "around" them which defeats the entire point of using them in the first place but it was still safer than bone stock. May it be a combination of riding non sus wheels or fear to slam into bumps and cracks in the road I progressively started to torque "knees over toes" so I could access solid torque but keep my center of mass much closer to the wheel.

Bringing the product I had created to market became a solid prospect when my friend, who rides completely different than me, standing very upright, using power pads as god intended, still fell in love with the Knobz. Not because of the visual flair( they had none back then) but because of how they functioned mechanically. My original intentions were to design something that would allow me to ride as though I had the freedom of riding bone stock but still have the feet themselves planted and secure on the wheel but it became something more. Something that couldn't be ignored. Something others should get to experience and enjoy as well. It became: Powerknobz.

Our Values

  • Never compromise on aesthetics, design or function to skimp on material usage and save money
  • Never push out EUC accessories we didn't design ourselves
  • Never settle, constantly iterate, adjust, correct, evolve