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Lucent Powercore pair

Lucent Powercore pair

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**Powercores are now a seasonal product with limited quantities**
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Meticulously crafted from scratch in house by hand fully customizable and individually addressable LED cores for the Powerknobz using the WLED native ecosystem and app via Bluetooth. The core is powered by two 18650 Molicel li-ion batteries and will last upwards of 24 hours on a single charge with a solid color. Much longer than that with intermittent effects like pulsing, orbiting, flashing, etc. It's equipped with a reliable BMS chip with high and low/high voltage cutoff for safe charging and comes with dual cable USB-C charger. The cells are not spot welded so they can easily be replaced if need be.

To turn on the core you merely have to screw it in place in a core housing then slip it into Voidcore Powerknobz. You can also leave them off by partially unscrewing them into the housing and twist them on when you need them to light up.

While the core is fully screwed into a Powerknobz it should be fairly water resistant, but we do not recommend using the cores in the rain. There is no IP rating on these cores.


In this package you will receive:

  • Lucent Powercore x2
  • USB-C charger and split cable 
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