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One piece Cohedron Powerknobz

One piece Cohedron Powerknobz

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First in a new lineup of Powerknobz with front and back progressive resistance along with a bigger heel stub and optional modular extenders that replace brake pads(front extenders to come). The front Knobz have grip features and high viz reflective tape at the front. The heel stubz as well as the extender also have high quality reflective tape. With the Stub extender this system is a fully substitutive solution.

These PKs are not as wide as the Voidcores but still wider than most pads on the market.  The Cohedron can sit higher on the shoe than the Voidcore so you can close pedals with them. Please note that Cohedron PKs need to be precisely at the ankle joint so if it cannot be in the proper location it won't feel good and you must not refrain from splitting them in two following the pre cut line. Even as a 2P they have more than enough baseplate adhesion.

In this package you will receive:

- One piece Cohedron Powerknobz X2

- ( OPTIONAL) Brake Extender X2

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