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One piece Fusion Powerknobz

One piece Fusion Powerknobz

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Back piece of the Cohedron, updated front piece of the Voidcore Prime V2 come together to create greatness and a absolutely unique riding experience. With the brake extender the entire height of the back piece is 230mm( excluding the baseplate) which is just enough for very satisfying braking without hindering range of motion at the top of the wheel which meshes very well conceptually with the Voidcore. It's all about freedom of motion, power and ergonomics but not at the cost of safety. Note that even without Extenders the oversized Stubbiez in the back are enough to serve as brake pads on smaller wheels.

In this package you will receive:

- 1P Fusion Powerknobz X2
- Brake Extender( OPTIONAL) X2

- Hadron Flex Caps X2

-Powercore Housing X2

Velcro pre installed and loops for the wheel.

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