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Voidcore Prime V2 and Stubbiez V2 starter kit

Voidcore Prime V2 and Stubbiez V2 starter kit

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Second entry in the Voidcore lineup! These new voidcore boast improved ergonomics in the form of upper foot and lower shin progressive cuppings as well as being considerably more plush than V1 which makes them more geared for street riding than mixed use unlike V1. Because of their extra cushiness the Prime V2 offer an even better seated riding experience. They have new cosmetic features, namely more color inserts on top and a sleek groove on the front and top with high quality reflective material pre installed. These, like all Voidcore, can house Lucent Powercores.

*Please note that Stubbiez are NOT brake pads.

In this package you will receive:

- Voidcore Prime V2 X2

- Stubbiez V2 X2

- Powercore housing X2

- Flex caps X2

- Velcro pre installed as well as enough loops to put on the wheel.

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