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One piece Voidcore Prime V2 pair

One piece Voidcore Prime V2 pair

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One piece Voidcore Prime V2 are for those who just don't want to take the risk of a pad dropping and simply don't trust 2 piece bikini. They are well suited for mixed use although they excel at street/flow riding and are unmatched for high speed cornering and seated riding. If real estate is a concern on your wheel we recommend these over the 2P setup as bits that stick out is much less of a concern with the 1P. They come with your color inserts of choice and flex caps to plug the hole when you engage in high risk/off road situations.

** By default you will receive the latest flex caps ( Hadron flex cap) so leave us a note if you want the PK flex caps instead.**

In this package you will receive:

- OP Voidcore Prime V2 x2

- Powercore Housing x2

- Flex caps X2

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