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Full Voidcore Prime V2 Powerknobz kit

Full Voidcore Prime V2 Powerknobz kit

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**Powercores are now a batch product with limited quantities**
returning late May 2024


Powerknobz are the very first torque blocks in the game meant as a full on alternative to shin pads. They offer an unprecedented range of motion and control on the wheel meant to capture the feeling of riding bonestock but without the sketchiness that comes with it. When used to their full extent, they operate by splitting the torque load with the Stubbiez in the back that act as counter levers when hard leaning into the Knobz. Many see the heel piece and think it's a mere jump block but it's more than that. Sure you can place it snug against the top of the shoe to act as a jump pad but you can also offset them higher and further back so your heel pushes upwards on them when leaning into the Knobz. Harder to master and especially potent for asymmetric torquers, the Knobz have a steeper learning curve but a much higher skill ceiling than shin pads as well as being considerably safer due to the more natural, athletic, low stance more centered on the wheel they encourage. They are phenomenal for street flow riders that like to carve aggressively but also are exceptionally good in off road for vaulting, climbing and jumping because you can dig deep, get your knees very low and demand more torque while staying safely above the wheel.

Now for the fluff, every over the top product needs a healthy dose of feature creep so we got you. The Powerknobz are fitted with extremely bright removable light Powercores meticulously crafted from scratch in house that are fully customizable with individually addressable LED core using the WLED ecosystem and app via bluetooth. The cores are powered by two 18650 Molicel li-ion batteries each and will last upwards of 14 hours on a single charge with a solid color. Much longer than that with intermittent effects like pulsing, orbiting, flashing, etc. It's equipped with a reliable BMS chip with high and low voltage cutoff for safe charging and comes with dual cable USB-C charger.

To turn on the core you merely have to screw it in place in either a Voidcore Powerknobz base or a twist cap. You can also leave them off by partially unscrewing them into the Powerknobz and twist them on when you need them to light up.

The Powercores cap when Knobz are turned off are always matte milky white as they are made of a resin mix to achieve a nice light diffusion. The Knobz themselves are made of several parts of various FDM material.

While the core is fully screwed into a Powerknobz it should be rain resistant, but we do not recommend using the cores in the rain. There is no IP rating on these cores.


  • The color variants are for the hard plastic inserts and Core housing. If you want more than one color or certain color patterns you need to leave a note or contact us directly.

  • The Powerknobz pads themselves are extremely sturdy but the Powercores and core housing are more vulnerable and are not designed to take a beating so we recommend not using them when engaging in high risk/acrobatic riding. Also, because of mechanical constraint due to how forward they need to be on the wheel, the baseplate of the Powerknobz( Voidcores) are meant to be breakaway pieces. Additionally, it's a measure to protect the wheel from potential battery malfunction or protect the cores in case of a crash. They are designed to take tremendous pressure from the bottom and the back but very little from the front. As such, They will very likely breakaway in the event of a crash but it also makes them very easy to reposition.

  • The Lucent Powercores requires setup to customize and configure. See this setup page for more information.

 This package includes:

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